Picture Credit: Living Word Outreach

Have you had a burning desire in your heart to start a ministry, or be a part of a ministry, but have no clue on how to get connected? Have you wished that there were a place that could help people connect together as well as be able to have a central location for this information?


There are wonderful ministries, organizations and ideas in our community that most people are unaware of.  There are some of the same ministries that are unaware of the other creating duplicate effort or even burn out because they feel it's a huge task to accomplish. 


We are a group of like minded individuals in Wichita, Kansas ready to connect and let The Holy Spirit guide us. God is moving in and through us and we are dedicated to becoming better together, uniting, and collaborating to create a larger impact on our community.  


It's time for those of us who feel a burning desire to step up and make a difference, but where do you start?  The Body Of Christ ICT is where.  This para-church organization is a place where we can build our mastermind groups and collaborate on ideas, ministries, and how to make a huge impact right in our own home town. ​We will be partnering with the locals of our city who believe that The Church is to take action to be The Church and work in unity and community for the cause of Christ. 

We are like this huge puzzle that God is stratigically putting together.  Each of us make up our own unique piece of the puzzle.  With out the other pieces of the puzzle, it does not create the full picture.  What is your piece of this puzzle?  

Just in the same way, as it says in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12 we are all a part of The Body and Jesus is the Head of this body.  We were never meant to divide, but function together as the body, as THE Church.  A head doesn't do what the heart does and the heart doesn't do what the hands do, but together we make the body.  When there is a misalignment in the spine or a malfunction somewhere with in the body, it will cause complications.  It can cause a disconnect within the central nervous system and cause the body to be sick.  When our body is in proper alignment it has the ability to communicate with other parts of the body and send signals on how it is supposed to be functioning.  God is our healer.  He is our lifeline.  He wants to repair the body and is supernaturally healing His body by divinely connecting us all to communicate with one another.


God's children are saying, "Yes" to His calling and yearning to be a part of His plan. John 10:27