Have you always wanted to volunteer, but were unsure where to start?  Do you have desire to see your community impacted in huge ways?  Check out some of our amazing partners and see how you can get involved today!  


There are so many wonderful organizations and individuals that are wanting to help others but many people are unaware that they exsist. Check out what is available for those who need help and are in need.

This Connection Point will connect you to grassroot ideas, groups, businesses, leaders and amazing individuals that are ready connect and be in unity with others to grow.

Did you know that Wichita seems to be overflowing with movements of love and compassion?  There are so many people on the move with ideas that are feeling led to take action and not keep silent.  Come see and ponder if you will at the amazing things taking place here! 




There are so many amazing churches here in the state of Kansas that are dedicated to coming together in unity for the community and for the cause of Christ. If you are looking for a church home to grow your faith, check out some of these amazing Spirit led churches.

There are prophesies that are being fulfilled right before our eyes that have to do with the Nation of Israel.  Come explore this page to see the exciting things God is doing in Israel and with His remnant. 

This will be the heartbeat of this website and to the community.  Explore this forum to see what your community members are discussing and how we can collaborate together on subjects such as ICT Solutions and issues, needs in the community, mission trips, places to volunteer, Ministries and grassroots ministries, as well as how to navigate through the website or answer any questions you may have. Register to become a part of The Colabo Project today to get the inside scoop!