God is using the Prayer Movement in Wichita to promote prayer and unity with in the body of Christ. Click the link above to check out the most recent prayer events.

Did you know that there are people getting healed, people seeing signs and wonders, and revival is happening here in Wichita Kansas and other places around the world?  Check out this website to see what has happened in your own back yard.

Convoy of Hope is not only a non-profit that helps with disaster relief, but also comes to some of the most impoverished citites all over the world to help bring local churches, businesses, and other organizations together to help those in need.  This is an annual 1 day event.  Check the website to see when the next one is to see how you could be a part of this amazing day!

Culture Shield is an amazing website to keep one informed on what is going on in the political realm as well as in the city and nation and what you need to know to stand and make a difference. The founder, Donna Lipoldt keeps is passionate about prayer and has led this movement for many years and we are seeing the fruits of this labor today here in Kansas.

Love Wichita is an annual event where different churches and individuals come together to clean up the city and help those who arent able to do so in their own homes as well.  If you feel led to volunteer go to the website to learn more.

These amazing pastors and leaders have a heart and vision to see unity among the church.  Visit the website to learn more about the Wichita Ministeral League.

Destiny Ministries is an apostolic ministry raising up the body of Christ in their giftings to truly understand their calling.  They go into the deeper truths and stir up who God has called one to be. 

Dream Center ICT is a faith-based, social service organization that is committed to meeting the needs of at-risk children, families and individuals who need compassionate care and attention. They offer both physical and spiritual resources as powerful tools to give those who are struggling a much-needed hand up. They provide food, clothing, educational opportunities, student internships, street ministry to the homeless, bus ministry, USD 259 school partnerships, and short term missions for youth groups.

Fun Fact: Last year after most of the prayer movement gatherings it would rain.  Press the button above and listen as you check out all that God is doing in our city and beyond...

We have hosted gatherings in America and abroad, calling together tens of thousands at a time for twelve hours of fasting and prayer to arenas, fields and stadiums. From these gatherings nearly a million young people have been initiated into a lifestyle of prayer and branded with consecration to the Lord. 

Aglow International is an organization thats helps to raise up Ambassadors for Christ with understanding their true identity in Christ.  They speak life into them to prepare them to become great leaders that not only want to take action in their own communities, but also to the Nations as well.

Lakota Hope Ministry is an outreach to the people of the Oglala Lakota Nation.  A 'reaching out' in compassion and love based on the teachings of Yeshua/Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. (see their Vision and Mission Statement, Home Page)

In church language, the are a 'para-church' ministry and are non-denominational.

Lamb & Lion Ministries helps to keep you informed about the current events and how they relate to Bible Prophecies.  The Lord says "My people perish for lack of knowledge."  This ministry is a good way to stay informed on what God's word says about the times, past present and future.

HHH is an amazing ministry that helps those who are in need with furniture, clothes, food, you name it.  They have such a heart to help people get back on their feet and work in conjunction with many other amazing ministries and organizations around Kansas.

This annual event hosted by Willow Creek Church is an amazing  leadership conference for all leaders to learn how one can make a positive difference and lead in what ever position they are in where ever they are.  Teaches you a more Christian approach to the business world and to be a good steward of your calling and techniques to help you understand how to best utilize your skills and traits to help you become the leader God is calling you to be.

"Religious leaders are coming together, challenging each other to look beyond racial tolerance towards transformation. It is their goal to find a way to transform the community by respecting all God's people through truth and justice.  To that end, religious leaders across our area are seeking to partner with congregations of differing color and culture." Check out their website and lets impact the community through unity and commitment.

HSM mission statement is Assisting the church reach the world for Christ.  They help feed the hungry as well as have a working relationship with other ministries to set up and send out those who feel called to help volunteer and go to the mission field.  Check out their website to learn more.

If you are looking to get into the entertainment industry but werent sure if it was for you, check out AMTC.  Actors, Models, & Talent for Christ is a wonderful nonprfit organization that helps train up those who feel called to the industry to be a light in the dark place.  We are "Arise and Shine" for the glory of God.