This Story is HiStory

Where to start? I love how when we submit to His will, how His Holy Spirit moves us.  We are called to be His vessels and we are seeing years of prayers from His Saints, His intercessors, His children being answered.  We have come to gather in unity for the community for the cause of Christ!
                                                                          Ephesians 4
                                                                          John 14-17

This is the short version:
Rachel's Random R&R: Back in 2013/2014 the Lord gave me a word for the church.  "It's not about A church, but THE Church coming together in unity for the community and for the cause of Christ!"  He gave me a vision of ALL of His churches coming together in one place and worshiping Him, serving the lost and sharing resources together as One mind, and One body.  It was so heavy on my heart.  I felt the love so strong that I could not keep silent! I wrote to many churches in our city that I had visited, many pastors abroad that the Lord used to build me up and speak to my heart. During this amazing Holy Spirit led journey, God had me start a group called Ambassadors for Christ.  He sent us to serve at different outreach organizations.  He led me to connect us to link with One Spark and help feed the homeless, I was chosen to lead a line at Numana to pack food for those less fortunate, we got connected with Love Wichita to help those who needed a helping hand, and in between met Paul Dohm with His Helping Hands.  I thought, "Lord, what are you doing with me?"  He said, "You do not understand, but soon you will. Continue to go as I prompt you to go and speak as I prompt you to speak."  Every service God spoke volumes to my heart.  I had learned years prior through my Christian Counseling Courses through Liberty University and through divinely connected life coaching courses, that we didn't have to be priests to bless people.  Knowing this, each church we visited I prayed that God would bless each person there to see the vision He was speaking to His people.  To make a long story as short as I possibly can, through divine promptings and connections, He sent me to the Messianic Jewish churches, Baptist churches, Methodist churches, Pentecostal churches, etc.  No matter where I went it was the same things He spoke to my heart. UNITY!  It's not about a denomination, but His body functioning as it should...knitted together. That the enemy has tried so hard to keep us apart and to keep us divided by trivial things that make no difference to the Kingdom of God.  God IS LOVE!  God is ONE.  We are ONE in Him!  To put all our differences aside and stop acting like the Pharisees and the Sadducees and just walk the walk of Christ.  

Then....God brought me to Bethel Life.  I spoke to Danice and Pastor Ken and soon met with Pastor Gail.  She told me of her vision God gave her and she said, "Rachel, the vision God gave you sounds very similar to what God spoke to us.  Watch this."  As I sat there to watch the prior year of Convoy of Hope that Bethel Life hosted my eyes filled with tears!  It's exactly what God put on my heart!  I imagined what it would be like if ALL churches came together all the time and shared resources, time, and talent!  An amazing surge of God's Holy Spirit fire came over me.  I felt God's heart in it.  They could see my zeal for the Lord and how I had been obedient to His prompting.  Now, mind you, I grew up Baptist...and I didn't have man teaching me what any of this was supposed to look like, feel like, be like.  I was just so immersed in God's presence and I had eyes wide open and ready for a change.  I was walking in that childlike faith.  I felt like a kid in a Holy Spirit filled candy store. HA!  I had no fear! They asked me if I wanted to hold a place of leadership in a specific area.  Uh Oh!  Hold up, Jesus! Me?  Rachel?  I felt unworthy, I was not good at speech...I felt like Moses.  The words he spoke to the Lord kept running through my mind.  Then He spoke to my heart, "I do not call the perfect, I call the willing."  Well, so needless to say I accepted a position in the "Connections tent".  This is where we pray for those people who need prayer and greet them before they leave.  We ask them for their information and connect with churches near their homes to help them receive follow up and care.  Boy was I not at all ready for this task.  I worked full time and for some crazy reason I felt that it would be easy.  Why wouldn't it be a piece of cake?  God called me to it so it will be smooth, right?  Wrong!  It became overwhelming when the enemy kept reminding me of how I wasn't good enough, or what if I placed these people in a church I knew nothing about.  These were people who needed the Lord, but what if I placed them in a church that was really some kind of cult. (FEAR: A tactic of the enemy by the way)  I was paralyzed.  I finally sucked up my pride and asked for help.  I did end up sending a list of suggestions that I could have done better and to make sure to have someone in the future that was more connected to all the churches who knew about each one and knew they preached the love of Christ and unity. I felt that I had failed my brothers and sisters in Christ and I sure felt like I  failed God. (Condemnation: Another tactic of the enemy) I didn't want to show my face after that.  My health took a turn for the worse and didn't want to volunteer for anything again.  I felt I could never be a good leader and that I couldn't ever make a difference in God's kingdom.  The enemy is tricky , but greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world!  How God changes the tides and calms the storms in our lives!  He is our redeemer and He wants to lavish us with His love.  He wants us to know that when we give it our all and do what He has asked of us, He is still saying, "Well done good and faithful servant.  Whether you see it or not, you have made a difference with the zeal and love you have brought to my people.  One act of obedience can change a nation!"  He spoke to my heart again and said, "Now that was to prepare you for what I will do in the future.  Just be still and know that I am God." I will skip the many amazing and awesome God divine appointments and connections in between then and 2016 for now.  Be on the look out for The unedited version of the book that is soon to come!

So, as I continued to serve and partner with The Holy Spirit, I continued to faithfully serve at The Source Wichita, and also attended Central Christian Church, Bethel Life, and other churches that He prompted me to visit.  God used love and devotion to continue to spread the word of unity and share what other churches were about and all that God was teaching. I could not be silent because God's love was and is so powerful.  During this time, the closer I got to the Lord, my gifts (that didn't feel like gifts) grew stronger.  We prayed for the gifting  but we weren't delving in deeper to know how to function in the giftings.  Sometimes in this you can feel lonely and misunderstood.  We prayed and moved as the Holy Spirit led and then one day the Lord brought us into divine alignment with so many other amazing men and women of God.  Things that the Lord had spoken to my heart for years, I was beginning to run into like minded individuals who spoke into my life and spoke the very words God put on my heart for so long. He connected the dots and the pieces of the puzzle.  See, this is where God began to show the truth of things and it all began to make sense of what the Lord was speaking.  If I had stayed in one place and not have been led by the Holy Spirit, if I wouldn't have continued to connect with those outside of A church, I would not have been led to THE Church.  The Lord said, "A head doesn't do what a heart does and a heart doesn't do what the hands do, but together we make up the body of Christ!"  You know it's the Lord's words when others in the body of Christ that you have never met before are speaking the same exact words.  The Lord said, "Didn't I say, GO out and make disciples?" Many times the Lord would have me sit in Meads Corner and work or just sit and pray.  Have you ever said, "God, please speak to me. Use me. Send me.  What will you have me do today? I will wait on you!" No agenda, just completely surrendered. I would end up spending hours talking with the homeless or other amazing Christians who loved Jesus with the same zeal for the Lord as I.  I knew these were divine connections as well. One day I met a guy who was speaking to a group of Christians at another table.  The Lord prompted me to pay close attention to this fellow brother in Christ. Hearing his conversation about his homeless ministry, the Lord brought to mind all those that I had come into contact with over the years.  All of the different ministries.  Before he left I felt led to stop him and discuss what the Lord placed on my heart about connecting with the other organizations and ministries to share resources.  I asked him if he was aware of any of the others.  He was not.  In fact, many conversations I had with others as well, they  had no idea of the organizations and ministries either.  There was a pattern where churches and organizations would do things individually.  I thought..."There has to be a way to get the word out there!"

So I say all that to bring you to the birth of this website.  He put the church on my heart.  The unity. The love. The connections, the resources, talent, and time that He brought to my attention all these years.  What if we created a website that was specifically for unity of the church simply out of love?  One central location for the people who lead the "Connections tent" during follow up for Convoy of Hope?  One central location for multiple churches to pull together and know what is going on in the city and unite.  One central location for people that have ministries of the same heart and mind to unite and share resources.  For them to come together to impact in a greater capacity and be the Ecclesia?  

We were never meant to do it alone!  When we are isolated, we are only a piece of the puzzle.  We only have a part of what God is speaking to our hearts. When we come together the other person may be that divine connection point that God had for you all along.  For us to come together, link arms with and to be knitted together for a specific purpose. I found SO many others who also had been praying and being led in many directions and coming back together from all over the world to speak about what the Lord was doing in Kansas! I remember the day I was talking to a sister in Christ who I had never met, but spoke to her on the phone for the first time as if we knew each other for years!  We talked about all God was speaking to our hearts and I mentioned about the website and she said that they had been praying about someone stepping up and creating one!  Confirmation from the Lord is the sweetest feeling ever!

 As I write this, I realize looking back that every connection brought me here, to this very moment, writing this very story to you right now.  It's only God!  He gets ALL the glory and when we play the part that He has for's such a beautiful God divine story. It's His Story.It's HiStory! We ARE that New Testament church.  It's about our testimonies and how Christ brought us together and changed the whole atmosphere. We are the Ecclesia.  Everything has come full circle! 
I am sure, to most people, I must have looked like vagabond...going from church to church, but not everyone who wanders is lost!  Now most Sundays you will find my husband and I at Word of Life as well as Church on the Street. There are many in the body of Christ that are in fact are on a mission and being led as the Spirit leads for the great commission and connecting the rest of the body.  We are connectors.  We are all a part of the puzzle and God places each piece exactly where it should go, at exactly the right time to make the most beautiful masterpiece ever!

There is so much more to this story, but I will end with this.  It is the end of the beginning and the beginning of our future.  The time is now for The Body of Christ to arise! It is time for the Ecclesia to come together for such a time as this to share resources, time, and talent in unity for the community and for the cause of Christ.  It is no longer about denomination.  The truth has been revealed to His saints and the veil has been lifted.  Be led by His spirit with child like faith and with the love of Christ for one another.  See past the differences and come together in one heart, one mind, one spirit, ONE nation under God...indivisable.